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CYak : Qinghai Lake

- Catalogue Photography on Location -

CYak is a Social Enterprise in the Tibetan Area of China. They are a collective of Women who use traditional techniques of working with yak wool to make garments to sell overseas. All profits go to supporting the community schools. These images were commissioned for their catalogue.

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Caravane Liotard

- Photography / Storytelling + Promotion -

These images were commissioned for the community of ShangriLa, China to promote ethical tourism in the beautiful and historic location along the foothills of the Himalayas.

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L'Orphelinat Venez Enfants et Vivez Mieux : Carrefour, Haiti

- Fundraising / Program Development -

This photography initiative began two years after the devastating earthquake of 2010 in Haiti: Taking portraits with a polaroid to give families and children. After leaving the Orphinage in Carrefour, the images were used at auction to raise funds to move the orphanage to a much healthier location by the sea. We succeeded to raise enough money to offer a new start to many children who lost everything.

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Finding Roots + Wings

- Crowdfunding / Program Development -

This initiative began with an idea, followed by a successful Kickstarter campaigning and is now a non-profit operating in multiple countries internationally.


Video Reel

- Videography / Project Development -

This is a collection of shorts taken to accompany many international promotional projects.

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On The Road Photography

- Website design / Storytelling + Promotion -

On the Road Photography offers street photography workshops in Turkey, Italy and more. Workshops are designed to offer an insight into a culture, to see new places in a new light.

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