is a multimedia and communications studio based in Rome, dedicated to creating strategic promotional materials for local businesses and community ventures. Building on over ten years of international experience spanning New York City, China and now Italy, Alexandra and team tell visual stories to seamlessly and sustainably support your brand and to create personal connections across media platforms.

Focusing on photography as a foundation, customizing and measuring the impact of online media campaigns, designing visual materials, updating websites and creating and writing promotional materials are key services.


The Philosophy: cultivating personal connections through visual storytelling.


about the founder:

Alexandra Corazza specializes in communicating the voice and image of a brand via multi-faceted campaigns, dynamic content and unique activations to engage community, grow audience and develop markets.

Experienced in portrait, travel & lifestyle photography, Alexandra brings a personal approach to international marketing that can help you reach your goals.

Alexandra is also co-founder of Sweet Pea Photographers in New York City and director of an international non-profit initiative, Finding Roots & Wings.

What is Visual Storytelling?

  • We all know that images tell a story, illustrate a welcoming experience and inspire curiosity.

  • The stories we create appeal to a prospective client, allowing them to feel connected to you.

  • An effective technique for expanding visibility, and is then incorporated seamlessly into social media and larger media outlets.