Learn to tell stories more effectively and amplify their impact.



Story Development | Find your Story

Unlock your inner Storyteller!


This workshops helps participants to brainstorm and distill their ideas to make authentic and relatable stories. We use creative brainstorming tools based on the classic business model canvas to ensure your story supports and compliments your mission.

This workshop covers:

  • Developing a compelling story - key messages, people and places, style and tone, hook and narrative structure

  • Audience discovery and analysis

Celebrating Growth | Nurture your Story

Give meaning to your work through storytelling.


It is important to know how to celebrate accomplishments through storytelling. Showing all that has come together in your online presence is integral to building your credibility and encourage the growth to continue.

This workshops covers:

  • Identifying pivotal moments and highlighting them elegantly

  • Share with your audience what is to come and learn the best way to share it.

Website Makeovers | Tell your Story

Add Value and Visibility to your Online Presence.


This workshop will demystify the About Page and much more! We examine why all stories are relevant and impactful and how to carefully curate which stories to support your endeavor.

This workshop covers:

  • Develop your background story and create a narrative that is relatable and offers a memorable call to action.

  • Discover how to effectively reach and move each of your target audience groups

Sustainability Workshops Series

We run regular workshops in Rome, New York and online. We can show your team or organization how to FIND, MAKE, EDIT and SHARE amazing and affordable stories in house, using tools and resources you already have. The power of storytelling in your hands.

Telling stories about the work you are doing can be fun and inspiring, get your team involved in telling stories about your impact.

These workshops cover:

  • Cohesive media and marketing team support applying streamlined solutions

  • Easy to make, easy to share techniques

  • Captivate New Target Audiences with Strategy Development and Implementation